IPC Membership is Key

At Cadworld we are certainly committed to providing the highest quality service possible. We take this very seriously and to this end are proud to announce that we have invested in full IPC membership.

Cadworld invests in excellence!

Above all, IPC Standards are accepted worldwide as the key manufacturing standards. For example, these standards apply for printed board and electronics manufacturing industries. IPC standards are associated with nearly every stage of the electronic product design and development cycle and we are committed to meeting these standards. From design and purchasing to assembly and packaging, IPC standards help ensure the best service. Most importantly this means superior quality, reliability and consistency in the electronics assemblies that go into an electronic product. As a result of this, our customers have greater peace of mind and confidence in our services.

Why IPC Membership?

We know that to maintain high standards in PCB design, our investment in knowledge and information is key. Our designers already have IPC CID certification and work to IPC standards wherever possible. We have a wealth of information and tools at our fingertips. This comes as a result of our investment in membership and the purchase of many IPC standards relating to PCB design and manufacture. Additionally our membership also gives us access to events and resources to keep our expertise current. Consequently, you can rest assured when you work with us, knowing that you are in good hands.
We would like to invite you to contact us to discuss your project and what we can do for you!

In conclusion, we confirm that our commitment and passion for excellence continues!

Cadworld (UK) Limited are a UK PCB Design Bureau and full IPC Member, providing PCB Services across many Industries and Countries
Cadworld (UK) Limited are a UK PCB Design Bureau and full IPC Member. We provide PCB Services across many Industries and Countries.

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