PCB Component Library Management

We offer a great PCB Component Library management service in addition to our other services. The data contained in the library is a critical part of the Printed Circuit Design and build process.

Because it is such an important step, incorrect and incomplete data can result in many further issues. For example the issues can include, incorrect parts or footprints being designed into the PCB and unnecessary CEM/EMS queries. As a result this can cause delays and further costs in manufacture and assembly. To clarify, you will need a component library and also to maintain it.

Firstly our printed circuit design team are highly trained in all aspects of Library Creation and Management. We work with global standards including IPC 7351 however we can use your company standards.

Secondly we have been heavily involved in PCB Component Library Conception and Maintenance for many clients. As a result, we have a well-rounded knowledge of what an effective library requires. Further to this, our services can be integrated easily into your current system or we can help build a new one.

In addition we can also build your parts with integral 3D component models and spice simulation models.

Do you already have an extensive Component Library in place or are you looking for professionals to build and maintain one for you?

Most importantly we have our own extensive Component Library and can tailor this to suit your printed circuit design requirements, on request. We would like to invite you to contact us and discuss your needs further. You can use the contact form, but we are also available by phone.

PCB Component Library Management - part of the printed circuit design service

Supported PCB Component Library flows:

  • Mentor Xpedition.
  • Mentor PADS.
  • Altium Designer.
  • Pulsonix.

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