Schematic Capture

To complement our PCB Design service, we offer a schematic capture service.

Library Management

We can build/ manage / maintain your company library.

PCB Design

Experienced and skilled designers ready to layout your board.

Manufacture & Assembly

Fully assembled product to your door? No problem!

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Software Providers

Cadworld Mentor PCB Design Services Bureau listing​​

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Mentor Reseller and Support

Zuken Reseller and Support

IPC Industry Standards

IPC Industry Qualifications and Certifications

Useful tools and software

PCB Events

GC Prevue Gerber Viewer

ODB++ Viewer

Valor PCB Manufacture tools

PCB Calculators

PCB Stackup Builder

Engineering Design Show 16th – 17th October 2019

Electronica Trade Fair and Conference 10th-13th November 2020

Mentor User to User Conference 4th November 2019

Mentor IESF Automotive Design Conference 7th November 2019

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Mentor Linked-in user group