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To complement our PCB Design service, we offer a schematic capture service.

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PCB Design

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PCB Design

CAD World support industry sectors including Automotive Defence Aerospace Telecommunications Security Systems Marine Medical Broadcast Energy Environmental Rail & Public Transport Consumer IoT

As electronic products and designs become faster and more complex whilst still getting physically smaller, the design of the circuit board has become more important and integral in the design process. The layout of a board can be critical in many applications and can have a huge impact on the ability of the circuit to function as desired. 

PCB Design is our core business and we take it very seriously. Our PCB design experience stretches across many engineering sectors and disciplines. The variety of designs we have worked on has enabled us to gain an extensive knowledge of design technology and techniques and keep up to date with the latest skills and concepts. We have a comprehensive understanding of PCB manufacture and assembly and work closely with suppliers to provide a market ready solution.

Over the course of our time we have worked with many companies in various engineering sectors. Our customers have varied from small start-ups, to multi-Nationals. We take on designs from 1-off conception prototypes to mass production in the thousands.

We consider all aspects of the design up front including electrical constraints, mechanical form and fit, end user environment requirements and manufacture, assembly and test requirements in order to provide you with a quality cost effective, reliable, solution. We adhere to the latest the latest IPC design standards to ensure the highest quality layout and use constraint driven ECAD software to setup the design rules. Constraint management We review your design with you at various stages of the design process using Online Reviews and have stringent design and documentation processes and checks in place to ensure every aspect of the design or PCB manufacture and assembly has been considered and approved by you. We can provide detailed board information to MCAD team in various different formats including 3D views of the assembled board. We can also work with your chosen manufacture and assembly house to drive the design requirements and constraints to ensure the design meets their requirements and more importantly reliability in the field. Or alternatively we will collaborate with our tried and trusted CEM partners to provide you a fully assembled product to your door. Click here for more information on CAD World’s Manufature & Assembly services. If your projects require our designers to work at your company site we can also arrange UK pcb design staff and laptop on a contract basis. We use a wide range of PCB Design Software and tools in our online PCB Design process:

PCB Design Technologies and Disciplines

High-speed digital (Multi-Gigabit) design

High power design

Digital design

Analogue design

Mixed Signal design

Microwave design

RF design

Safety Critical design


PCB Design - Construction & technical capabilities

Single Sided

Double Sided




Exotic Materials

Blind via, buried via, microvia (µVia)

Controlled Impedance



PCI and PCIe

Power Consumption

PCI and PCIe

Single Sided

Creepage / Clearance