3D Views & MCAD-ECAD Collaboration

We can provide 3D Views of your PCB Design and do this by using MCAD-ECAD collaboration.
The physical constraints of a PCB and the “box” it fits into are often as critical as the electronic constraints.
We can provide electronic files for collaboration with your mechanical team including 3D model of the assembled board.
We can also review constraints online with the mechanical design authority using our online review service.

MCAD-ECAD collaboration creating 3D Views

Providing 3D views in PCB design is the rule, not the exception. Nor can board design take place in a vacuum; it is just one aspect of product design and there are many more. Designing mechanical elements alongside PCBs and incorporating the mechanical parts for the enclosure, brackets, and heat sinks is best done within an MCAD-ECAD collaboration design framework.
To achieve all of this and to deliver the best end-product, we use the CAD environment and create digital models in it.

3D View Model - MCAD-ECAD Collaboration

Discover the 3D Views Process.

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Schematic Capture

To complement our PCB Design service, we offer a schematic capture service.

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We can build/ manage / maintain your company library.

PCB Design

Experienced and skilled designers ready to layout your board.

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