Schematic Capture

To complement our PCB Design service, we offer a schematic capture service.

Library Management

We can build/ manage / maintain your company library.


PCB Design

Experienced and skilled designers ready to layout your board.


Manufacture & Assembly

Fully assembled product to your door? No problem!

Constraint Management

We use constraint based software to input all of the design constraints at the start of the design process. This allows us to analyse the best solution for your PCB design ensuring all the requirements are met whilst saving time and cost in the design , manufacturing and assembly processes.

We review the constraints with you to ensure we have incorporated all the necessary requirements giving you confidence in the design quality and integrity.

We adhere to IPC standards and DFM (Design for Manufacture) for optimum layout. By setting up all the relevant design rules before the real design work takes place we can be efficient, consistent, and cost effective.