PCB Services from a trusted IPC Member

We are Specialists in PCB Design services. Our focus above all is to work closely with our customers to provide the best PCB solutions.
Maybe you already use high-end PCB CAD systems? Or for example, you may simply have a schematic sketched on a piece of paper?
We can provide the missing links during your product design process. Our flexibility means we can integrate our services at any step. Additionally we can collaborate with your team at any point in the process.
As a result, we can provide any or all of the steps required. We are well placed to design and produce a working pcb product. In short, we can pick up wherever you left off!

How we support You

Firstly we use Constraint Management software to analyse and assess the best solution.
Secondly we can collaborate with you during our PCB Design Services. Likewise, we provide online reviews during our design process.
In addition we can create and Manage your Component Library during the process.
After that, if you require, we can complete the process. We can work with our partners to manage the PCB Manufacture and assembly process.
To sum up, we can take you from prototype to mass manufacture. Whatever you require, we can provide the solution.

Cadworld (UK) Limited are a UK PCB Design Bureau and full IPC Member, providing PCB Services across many Industries and Countries

Our PCB design engineers are experienced, highly skilled. Most importantly we are IPC CID qualified.
Furthermore Cadworld (UK) Limited is a full IPC member.

Cadworld support industry sectors, for example Automotive. Defence. Aerospace. Telecommunications. Security Systems. Marine. Medical. Broadcast. Energy. Environmental. Rail and Public Transport. Consumer. IoT (Internet of Things).

Further information on our PCB services can be found here.

Schematic Capture

To complement our PCB Design service, we offer a schematic capture service.

Library Management

We can build, manage and maintain your company library.

PCB Design

Experienced and skilled designers ready to layout your board.

Manufacture and Assembly

Fully assembled product to your door? No problem!